Illegal Immigration
Police interception of an inflatable dinghy off the coast of Almeria carrying Sub-Saharans has led to the arrest of two men for trying to illegally bring immigrants from Morocco to Spain.
There were 56 people in the boat, which was just nine metres long.
The passengers included 11 women and three children. While processing and interviewing the immigrants, police identified the individuals believed to be responsible for navigating the boat.
The two, named as a 21 and a 26-year old from Senegal, had threatened the boat passengers with death if they reported them to police .. each immigrant had paid €4,000 for the trip.

Gun Laws
The leader of far-right party Vox says that Spaniards should be allowed to possess firearms and use them for self-defense without legal consequences.
In an interview published today Santiago Abascal says that “the concept of legitimate defense needs to be widened” .
Abascal is Vox’s candidate in the upcoming general election on April 28. He has bragged in the past about carrying a handgun himself because his family was for years a target of the Basque militant group ETA.
The 42-year-old politician says laws should allow those without criminal records to have a firearm at home and use it to face “real life-threatening situations.”
Official statistics show that Spain’s rates of homicide and burglary are lower than most of its European neighbours.

Supermarket Takeover
Shareholders in Spain’s DIA Supermarket are due to choose between two competing rescue plans today in a vote which could decide whether Russian tycoon Mikhail Fridman’s investment fund proceeds with a takeover bid.
A familiar sight on Spanish high streets, DIA has failed to lure back consumers who turned their back on its no-frills model.
two capital-raising proposals, one from the company’s board and another from Fridman’s LetterOne the biggest shareholder are in the frame
DIA needs to re-balance its negative equity position to avoid the threat of insolvency, after booking heavy losses in 2017 and 2018.
Flight Medical Emergency
A RYANAIR flight from the UK was forced to turn around after declaring a medical emergency over the English Channel.
Flight FR8121 from Bristol Airport to Malaga Costa del Sol diverted just 30 minutes into its journey after a passenger was taken ill.
The flight that had taken off at 1.57pm yesterday and landed safely back at Bristol where it was met by paramedics.
The condition of the passenger is not yet known.