Election Preparations
Election officials have given Catalan premier Quim Torra another 24 hours to remove pro- independence symbols from all public buildings owned or run by the regional government.
A week ago, the Central Electoral Board reminded the Catalan government that public authorities have the legal obligation to preserve political neutrality ahead of the local, regional, general and European elections coming up in April and May.
The move mainly affects public buildings displaying yellow ribbons, used to show support for separatist leaders standing trial for rebellion, and esteladas, the unofficial flags used by supporters of Catalan independence.
The body that monitors elections has also asked the government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, to check that these instructions are followed, and warned Torra that failure to do so could have administrative and criminal consequences.
But yesterday it emerged that Torra would once again ignore the instructions, and will instead request a report from the Catalan ombudsman as to whether the symbols should be removed.

Murder Suspects
POLICE have arrested five suspected gang members for the murder of a young man who was kidnapped in Estepona last October.
Brain Martos Carmona was targeted has he ate at a restaurant on Estepona’s promenade at around 10.45 pm on October the 2nd.
Carmona’s body was found an hour and a half later in Algeciras.
The detainees are all believed to be members of a violent drug gang.
Carmona had tried to escape his kidnappers, who opened fire while giving chase and sparked mass panic in the seaside town.

British Pedophile Arrested
A BRITISH pedophile who abused children in his family over a 44-year period has been arrested in Albox after being on the run.
In a joint operation between the UK’s National Crime Agency and the Spanish National Police, the accused was traced to the coast and arrested near his home in the town.
He is said to have sexually assaulted siblings, cousins and siblings’ children, when they were aged between five and 16.

Hackers Arrested
Police have arrested 16 alleged members of a computer hacking group.
The National Police claimed the group had made nearly €4 million in a plot which took place in Tarragona, Malaga, Sevilla, Cuenca and Cadiz.
The suspects have been arrested in connection with organised crime, fraud, and money laundering, and allegedly circulated money between 127 bank accounts. The group are accused of hacking emails from financial institutions before transferring funds to 39 fictional companies.