Ryanair Strikes
Ryanair cabin-crew have called off their strike for today, but will continue with further planned strikes on Thursday, January 10th and Sunday the 13th.
A last-minute meeting held between the Unions and the airline, at the Spanish ministry of work’s led to agreements to continue negotiations today and to try to reach solutions in time to avert the Thursday and Sunday strikes.
Cabin crew based in Spain are calling for Ryanair to comply with current employment legislation in the country and for this to extend to the agencies the carrier uses, Crewlink and Workforce.

Avalanche Tragedy
The bodies of the three Spanish mountaineers and their Peruvian guide killed by an avalanche in the Peruvian Andes were retrieved official sources reported yesterday.
The bodies were transported to Huaraz . .some 400 kilometers north of Lima.

Lottery Trouble
Spain’s state-owned lottery is under fire after a 15-year-old was revealed as the winner of a €200k jackpot.
Last weekend Cosmin Rotariu, a 15-year-old Barcelona student, held a winning ticket in the El Niño draw. The teenager purchased the ticket with the €20 he’d won playing the El Gordo lottery before Christmas.
But the state-run Lottery requires players to be 18 years or older. Rotariu claims the ticket was purchased with his father’s permission, although that doesn’t absolve the ticket seller or the Lottery itself of its obligations to uphold the law.
groups representing Spain’s licensed gambling operators are calling on the government to hold someone to account.
A BRITISH pensioner found out almost be accident that he had won €75,000 on the El Niño lottery.
The man in his late 60s and living in Benijófar started seeing the number 61.776 on several posters in the town.

THE National Geographic Institute detected a 3.5 magnitude earthquake yesterday hitting Puerto Serrano in Cadiz,.
The Andalucia Emergency Services, reported that they had received several calls from two provinces, Cadiz and Seville, yesterday afternoon.
According to The official report, the recorded earthquake occurred at 4:15pm at a depth of two kilometres .. no damage has been reported so far.

Political Sensitivity
A left wing party has accused a local branch of the conservative Partido Popular of divisive behavior after it handed out thousands of Spanish flags in Granada City.
The Granada branch of Podemos said the handout, organised for the anniversary of the conquest of the city from the Moors in 1492, was designed to sow hatred and xenophobia.
The Granada PP said it was to commemorate an event of historical significance peacefully and out of respect for tradition. Around 4,000 flags were handed out on January 2.
Podemos said on Twitter the move was a “textbook” example of ‘dog-whistling’. The term refers to the use of subtle language or gestures to appeal to nationalists, xenophobes and the far-right.