Benidorm Death Arrest
A Scottish man has been arrested on suspicion of killing Scottish tourist Jim Clark who was on a stag holiday in Benidorm.
Police arrested a 33-year-old man at Alicante Airport as he tried to board a flight back to Scotland.
He was due to appear in court in the resort this morning.
Jim Clark , from Hawick, died after a fight broke out in a bar on Calle Gerona in the heart of Benidorm’s Little England area just after 3am on Friday night.
The 33-year-old was with several friends celebrating the upcoming wedding, at which Jim was believed to be the best man.
The suspect has not been named.
Confirmation of the arrest came as it emerged police had been handed CCTV footage of the incident which resulted in Mr Clark’s death.

Euthanasia Proposal
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said his PSOE party will legalise euthanasia if it takes power following April’s snap general election.
He said a PSOE government would recognise the right to euthanasia and to dignified dying. He was speaking at a campaign event in Galicia.
Efforts to legalise euthanasia have been mounted since the PSOE took power in June. These have been blocked by the conservative Partido Popular and Ciudadanos.
Supporters of euthanasia argue it gives people with terminal or debilitating illnesses the option to die on their own terms and spare themselves more suffering.
Opponents claim euthanasia could be abused if a terminally ill person is not of sound mind when making the choice and also criticise it on religious grounds.

The National Electoral Commission the JEC has given Catalan premier Quim Torra 48 hours to remove all unofficial flag’s and yellow ribbons from buildings belonging to the regional government.
According to the JEC, these symbols may be “legitimately used by political parties in their electoral campaign material, but not by public authorities, as they must maintain a rigorous political neutrality.”
The ruling comes ahead of a snap general election on April 28, and municipal, regional and European elections on May 26.
In a six-hour meeting, the members of the JEC agreed that “the yellow ribbons and estelada flags are partisan symbols used by specific parties that are running in the elections.”

Prison Trial
Spanish officials have suspended a controversial experiment that was going to see scientists zap the brains of prisoners.
Researchers wanted to discover if small jolts of electricity would make inmates – specifically murderers – less aggressive.
But the interior ministry has now confirmed the trial at Huelva prison led by the local university will be halted until further notice.
Ethical concerns were raised when details of the trial first emerged last week.
One psychiatrist feared prisoners may wrongly believe volunteering to take part in the study could be beneficial to their case in future.
Twelve males serving murder sentences volunteered for the study.