Tue AM May 07

Catalan Separatists
Former Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont may run in European elections on May 26.
Three Madrid courts yesterday said that he and two other ex- regional officials who fled Spain Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí – may participate as candidates in the European Parliament election with the Lliures per Europa coalition.
The decisions contradict the Central Electoral Commission, which had banned all three from running on the basis that, having fled Spain, they were technically living abroad yet not properly registered as Spaniards residing in another country.
The Madrid courts have now confirmed an earlier opinion by the Supreme Court, which said that this situation did not make the three Catalan leaders ineligible, in its view. The higher court, however, had left the final decision up to three administrative courts in Madrid.
Spain’s conservative forces disagree with the decision, and the Popular Party said it will appeal to the Constitutional Court.
The leader of the Catalan branch of Ciudadanos, said it is “shameful” that Spanish legislation, unlike the law in other European countries, allows “a fugitive” like Puigdemont to run in elections.

Migrant Rescue

Spain’s maritime rescue service says it saved hundreds of migrants while they were attempting to cross the Mediterranean in the last few days.
The service reported yesterday that it pulled 416 people from 10 different boats its rescue craft had intercepted starting on Saturday.

A MISSING British tourist has been found in a lake with hypothermia.
The 32-year-old, known only as Sandy, was found in Malaga’s La Viñuela reservoir.
After the solo traveller disappeared from her lakeside hotel on Saturday her family became worried when they couldn’t reach her.
She was found hours later, by a combined search and rescue team of more than 40 officers.
Although she had symptoms of hypothermia, she was described as being in ‘good health’.
It is still unclear how she ended up in the lake, but she was transferred to Hospital in Velez-Malaga.

Coalition Talks
Spain’s caretaker Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez met with conservative leader Pablo Casado yesterday in his first encounter with opposition politicians in efforts to form a government.
Casado said after the meeting that while his party will not back Sánchez staying in office, it will remain open to agreements for future legislation.
Sánchez tweeted that the talks with Casado were “cordial” and that it “normalized the relationship” between the two rivals after a heated electoral race.
Today Sánchez will see the leader of the center-right Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, and the leader of Podemos .. Pablo Iglesias.
They are expected to hold off on striking deals for a government until after the May 26 European and local elections.