Fatal Road Accident
Five rail workers were killed in a road traffic accident early yesterday when the van that was carrying them to work crashed into a truck and overturned.
The victims all worked for Monferra, a company that assembles and maintains railways, and had been on their way to a job when the accident happened.
The workers were all from Las Cabezas de San Juan in Sevilla Province and had been traveling in the early hours.
The driver of the truck that was involved in the collision was hospitalized.
The accident happened about 35 kilometers southeast of Seville.

Abortion Legislation
The president of Spain’s Popular Party Pablo Casado, has come out in support of taking the country back to 1985 abortion legislation that only allowed pregnancy terminations in very limited cases.
Casado warned that Spain, with its ageing population, is facing “a demographic winter”
In 2010 socialist Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero adopted legislation allowing abortion on demand during the first trimester.
There was an attempt in 2013 to repeal this law, but the initiative failed to gain political traction and its main sponsor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón of the PP, stepped down as justice minister in September 2014 as a result.
Now Casado, who promised a shift to the right when he became the new president of the PP in July of last year, says that he would like to roll back the 2010 law and go back to its 1985 predecessor, which he believes had broad social backing.

Internet Porn Bust
POLICE in Spain have arrested eight people aged between 21 and 66-year-old for allegedly exchanging child pornography on the Internet.
National Police officers made arrests in Segovia, Sevilla, Madrid, Zaragoza and Malaga and a large amount of computer material was seized.
In Sevilla, a 21-year-old boys football team trainer was among those arrested.
The investigation began after Spanish police were tipped off by colleagues in the United States and also involved Europol.

Migrant Initiative
France, Germany and seven other European Union nations yesterday gave their support to a proposed initiative that would create a temporary mechanism to accommodate migrants rescued in the Mediterranean.
Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Romania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy and Malta have also shown support for the proposal.

THE family of missing Irish girl Amy Fitzpatrick marked her 27th birthday with a picture of her as a little girl.
A family-run Facebook page released a photo of a young Amy smiling and wearing a wedding dress.
Amy vanished when she was 15 years old as she walked to her home on Mijas costa on New Year’s Eve in 2007 .. there has been no trace of her since.