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It is a kind of happy coincidence that a number of people with a lot of experience in the Radio business live in
the Orba area. Following an almost chance comment last year, and a lot of work, Valley FM is now available. On
Line only at the moment, we will be available on FM soon.

Valley FM is almost a new kind of Radio service. Based on a massive music database, put together with over 30
years experience, the Music is the backbone of what we hope will become an important resource for the folk who
live here in the Marina Alta area of the northern Costa Blanca.

We are a Community station, aimed at the English speaking residents of this part of Spain, but not just the
English ex pats. We aim to be multi lingual but our core will be in English. There are a few known people
appearing on Valley FM in the weeks and months to come, but there is room for You.
We have the equipment and expertise, and if you have an idea, then let us work together to get that idea on the air.

We will be a commercial radio station, because we need to cover our operating costs, but not to make a profit
for shareholders, so any advertising will be very affordable for local businesses, and if all goes well we will be
able to share our success with those who help create the station.
So welcome to Valley Fm, available on line 24/7, and if you would like to get involved please contact

Maybe you have an idea for a show you would like to hear, or create. This is what I believe the experts in these
things call a 'soft launch' so join us, we hope you enjoy what we do and would like to be involved with real
community radio for the Orba valley and surrounding areas.

Our coverage area will be from the villages in Val de Laguar, Orba, Tormos, Benedoleig, Sagra, Rafol, Sanet y Negrals, Beniarbeig, Ondara and El Verger. It is likely that coverage will be available outside this area too, but even if you can't listen on your radio you can always listen to our live broadcast via the internet anywhere in the world.

Should you want any more information about the station or to place an advertisement please use our contact form.

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You can listen to ValleyFM online now before our transmitter goes live.

Click the button to open a new window with the player in it