Sep 12 AM

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Hundreds of thousands of Catalan separatists let out a collective shout as they marched along a main artery in Barcelona yesterday marking the first of a series of mass mobilizations demanding independence from Spain and the release of several high-profile secessionists from jail.

With the official slogan “Let’s Make the Catalan Republic” printed on pink T-shirts and signs, protesters went silent at 5.14 p.m., which on a 24-hour clock is 1714 – the year when Barcelona fell in the Spanish War of Succession.… Read all the news


Tue 11 PM

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A BRITISH man was shot dead by police on the Costa del Sol yesterday
afternoon after he allegedly

opened fire on them when they went to arrest him.

Officers had gone to arrest the man at an aparthotel in Estepona when
he allegedly pulled a gun on


The officers had gone there following an incident earlier in the day
in which a man, allegedly

carrying a weapon, fled the scene of a car accident in Puerto Banus.

Police said in a statement, “The officers were subjected to several
shots, forcing them to use their

weapon to repel the aggression in defence of their physical integrity
and that of third parties.”… Read all the news


Tuesday 11th – AM

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A British man has died after “overdosing on cocaine ” on a flight heading for Ibiza.
Despite passengers on the Jet2 flight stepping in to perform CPR, the holidaymaker died in the air and the pilot had to make an emergency landing in Toulouse on Saturday night.
Fellow passengers claim the man, believed to be in his thirties, put a white substance into a vodka and coke before drinking it in front of cabin crew, after which his body began to shake furiously.… Read all the news