Love Triangle Murder
The woman allegedly at the center of a ‘love triangle’ which saw a convicted Irish drug dealer killed in Alicante is among four people arrested in connection with his death.
Carl Carr who was 38 and from Dublin, was reported missing in September, and his body later found in a shallow grave by the AP7 motorway near Torevieja.
Mr Carr’s flatmate Wayne Walsh, from Kilkenny appeared in court on Saturday on suspicion of killing him, and remains in jail.
Two women are also in custody, however it is not known who is said to have been involved in the romantic triangle-drama that allegedly sparked the attack on Mr Carr.
Walsh .. who’s 31, was one of Mr Carr’s flatmates at a residential estate in Torrevieja.
Mr Carr’s mother has insisted her son’s death had nothing to do with drugs and said he was killed over a suspected ‘love triangle’ involving one of the two women arrested.

Catalan Trial
Members of the activist group the Defense of the Republic or CDR have dumped rubbish at the doors of a number of courtrooms in Catalonia to protest against the upcoming trial of pro-independence leaders at the Supreme Court.
In a message on Twitter, the CDR shared images of the protest, using the slogan “fake trial.
Former deputy premier Oriol Junqueras and 17 others are facing trial for for their role in the illegal referendum on secession held in October 2017.
The trial is set to begin on February 12
The leader of the failed secession bid says that Spain will seek “vengeance” rather than justice when 12 of his allies stand trial next week.
Carles Puigdemont, who will follow the trial from self-imposed exile in Belgium, accused EU countries of double standards for recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as that country’s interim president, while ignoring his attempt to declare independence for Catalonia.

Animal Shot
A WILD boar has been shot by police after rummaging through bins of residents on the Costa del Sol.
The pig was captured on film roaming around Fuengirola on Saturday.
But after two hours it was quickly shot by police.
A Guardia Civil spokesman said they tried to contact several zoos and animal parks but none had the necessary capabilities to carry out a capture and re-release.