North Korean Embassy
Spanish intelligence officials have suggested the CIA was involved in a break-in at the North Korean Embassy in Madrid last month where diplomatic staff members were bound and held hostage.
Spanish Press reports yesterday said investigators have identified two of the 10 assailants who broke into the embassy and said they have connections to the CIA – a claim the intelligence agency has denied.
The Interior Ministry said at the time that neither North Korean diplomats nor other government officials had filed a complaint.
Investigators have said the attack was not the work of common criminals.
The incident, still under investigation, occurred five days before President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for their second summit in Hanoi.

Murderer Guilty
A man returned to the UK under a European Arrest Warrant has been found guilty of murder.
Jack Stevens who’s 19, was arrested in Spain for the murder of 27-year-old of Nashon Esbrand in Islington on 24 August 2017.
Stevens was tracked down following an investigation involving the Met Police, the National Crime Agency and Spanish authorities
He was found guilty yesterday of murdering Mr Esbrand.
Three others were sentenced last year in connection with the attack.

Drug Raids
Heavily armed National Police officers made 15 simultaneous drug raids on properties in the south of Spain yesterday morning as part of ongoing operations.
More than 125 agents were involved in the raids that targeted three clans in Algeciras.
The police said the early morning raids were designed to dismantle three gangs dedicated to the distribution and sale of cocaine, heroin and hashish.
The co-ordinated raids included aerial support and dog units.
The action is part of a new special security plan for the Campo de Gibraltar area.

Football Arrests
Police say they made six arrests and attended to five injuries resulting from clashes between fan groups before Barcelona’s Champions League match against Lyon last night
Barcelona city police arrested five men – three Polish nationals supporting Lyon and two Spaniards supporting Barcelona – after a clash near Nou camp before the game.
The regional Catalonia police also say they arrested one man for hitting an officer