Sep 14 AM

A decree authorising the exhumation of late dictator Francisco Franco
from his tomb in the Valley

of the Fallen near Madrid was approved in congress yesterday.

The controversial move to transfer Franco’s remains from the monument
was tabled by the new

Socialist government and was approved by a vote of 172 in favour and
two against.

The vote drew 164 abstentions by lawmakers from the conservative
Popular Party and centre-right


The Francisco Franco Foundation, which receives state funding despite
some calls to end it, has

pledged to legally fight any moves to exhume Franco’s remains.

TWO SEPARATE incidents saw a 59-year old woman and a 19-year-old man
seek medical attention

after receiving bites from bats infected with rabies.

Only 17 bat attacks have been recorded in Spain since 1987, however,
this summer saw two

independent attacks at opposite ends of the country just two days apart.

The 59-year-old woman from Valladolid in northern Spain was attacked
by a bat when she opened

a cupboard door and the animal flew towards her.

In the second two days later, in Huelva in southern Spain, a man
received a bat bite when saving

the creature from his cat.

both victims decided to take the bats that bit them with them when
they sought medical treatment.

September 28 is confirmed as being the next date when Ryanair staff
strike over labour disputes.

Staff will walk out in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and
Spain, in the hope that the

threat will prompt shareholders to meet on September 20 to address the

The unions have said that they will hold a monthly strike until their
demands are met.

The company have said that disruption will be kept to a minimum.

RESIDENTS of Ronda suffered flash floods yesterday afternoon when
thunderstorms hit the area

without warning.

Streets were left awash with water almost a metre deep in places as an
estimated 45 litres per

square metre fell in less than an hour.

Tables and chairs from cafes could be seen floating down the streets.

No warning of the impending storm was issued by the state Met Office AEMET.