Gun Threat
A Man has been caught on Camera waving a gun in the face of staff at a chemist shop on the Costa del Sol in an alleged robbery attempt.
The video that has been widely circulated on social media by a Mijas Councillor was posted at the weekend and is believed to have been filmed at the Farmacia de Calypso.
The man, wearing a grey hoodie over a dark baseball cap, is captured waving a handgun in the face of staff behind the counter.
A short clip shows a member of staff shielding his face with his hand before the man goes behind the counter and a struggle follows. The clip ends with the alleged robber leaving the store.
It is not yet known if anything was stolen during the staff’s frightening ordeal or if the handgun was real or a fake.

British Man Arrested
The National Police, in collaboration with the UK’s National Crime Agency, have arrested a wanted British man who is accused of sexually abusing his two teenage stepdaughters.
Police swooped on the man in Benidorm.
Police said the man had fled from the UK and hid on the Costa Blanca after learning he was being investigated by the British authorities.
They said that he had changed his appearance considerably.
The man was arrested under a European Arrest Warrant and is now in police custody awaiting a deportation hearing in Madrid.
He is charged with ten crimes by regularly abusing his stepdaughters .. who were 13 and 14 years of age at the time.

In Flight Fight
A Ryanair passenger had his ‘nose bitten off’ during a mid-air fight.
The unnamed holidaymaker was on the 6.10am Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife South flight when the scuffle took place.
The clip shows passengers screaming as a man emerges from the aisle-brawl covered in blood.
They clip show’s two men fighting before cabin crew and other passengers drag the men off each other.
A spokesman for Ryanair said: ‘The crew requested police assistance on arrival after two passengers became disruptive in-flight.’
The aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained two individuals.
It comes a month after a Ryanair flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Malaga had to be diverted after a ‘full fist fight’ reportedly broke out on board’.

Driving Test Cheats
The Police have arrested four people for being part of a group who would help people obtain a driving license by fraudulent means.
The officers also charged a fifth person as alleged perpetrators of criminal offenses including the disclosure of secrets, document forgery and crimes against the State Administration.
The arrests were made in Palma de Mallorca, following an investigation into the group who would assist foreign citizens pass their theoretical test. The group would use technical and electrical devices to achieve this.
So far, the detainees are all of Indian origin, but the officers then arrested a 61-year-old Spaniard whose job was to help them to pass the practical examination.
With the five people already charged, the operation remains open and new arrests are not ruled out.

Nudist Beach Protest
Nudist’s are angry about an apartment block that has sprung up behind their strip of Costa Blanca beach, claiming it will subject them to voyeurs and peeping Toms.
The women’s group Aquarela, who organised a naked protest bathe last week, say they used to enjoy the seclusion offered by trees on the L’Almadrava beach in Denia.
But now a concrete block of five floors with 68 apartments has stripped the nudists of privacy.
The nudists say L’Almadrava has long been neglected due to its thick sand and seagrass.
The women not only demonstrated against the invasion of onlookers, but also the degradation of natural environments in general.
A post shared through social media inviting guests to the ‘women’s naturist’ bathe said the protest was in support of an ‘ocean free of plastic’ and a ‘coast without touristic exploitation’.
The apartment block is set to be finished this summer.