Crime Lord
POLICE in Tenerife have arrested a man wanted by Scottish authorities for 29 crimes, including murder.
Authorities think the 35-year-old fugitive, thought to be from Glasgow is the leader of an international criminal organisation.
According to police, the alleged crime lord was ‘hiding out’ in the south of the Island.
He was arrested near Tenerife South Airport after an Edinburgh court issued a European Arrest Warrant.
Authorities held the man on charges of money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnap and murder.
The man allegedly ran a global gang who operated in the UK, Iceland, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Spain, China and Mexico.

Authorities stopped a group of 33 migrants, including 13 children as they attempted to enter Spain.
The migrants arrived in the area of Jameos del Agua in the North-East of Lanzarote.
The Guardia Civil released two pictures taken on the beach which show some of the 33 people and their boat in the moments after they arrived.
It is not know the ages of the other migrants or where they came from
Spain’s maritime rescue service says it saved 549 migrants trying to cross the Med.
The service says its craft intercepted six small boats carrying a total of 350 migrants on Saturday in waters east of the Strait of Gibraltar.
Yesterday another 199 were pulled from five different boats, including two tiny inflatables. One of the small recreational boats was carrying four children. The other was packed with 10 adults.
And Nearly 50 migrants rescued in the Med by two ships run by rights groups are still looking for countries to take them in.
The vessel, Sea Watch 3, was sheltering from stormy weather off the coast of Malta, which like Italy, has refused to allow the boat into port.
It has had 32 migrants on board, three of them children, since rescuing them on December 22.
The German NGO Sea-Eye also has a ship stranded in the Med with 17 migrants on board.

Opinion Pole
The ruling Socialists would win most votes if an election were held today but would not have a majority, while the far-right Vox would see its support rise slightly, an opinion poll showed on Friday.
The official poll by the Centre for Sociological Studies showed it would likely be hard for any party, or group of parties, to pull together a coalition that would have a majority of seats.
The CIS poll forecast that Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’ Socialists would win 28.9 percent of the vote, more than any other party but its worst score since taking power in June.
A parliamentary election is not scheduled before 2020, but the Socialists hold fewer than a quarter of the seats and speculation has been rife over the possibility that an early election could be held this year.
Vox would get 3.7 percent of the vote according to the CIS poll, well below the 13 percent forecast by Sigma Dos last week.