Spain Chine Relations
Chinese and Spanish enterprises have signed ten deals worth 17.6 billion dollars during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Spain this week.
The deals cover finance, telecommunication, environment, machine, vehicle and medicine, hitting a new record of China-Spain trade and economic cooperation.
China and Spain also signed intergovernmental cooperation documents to cover the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Fraud and Inspection and Quarantine of Imported Pork Products.
During the visit, the China-Spain Business Advisory Council was formally established and the first meeting was successfully held, becoming another platform for deepening bilateral economic and trade relations.

Benidorm Shooting
A MAN has been arrested following a shooting in Benidorm which left three people wounded in July.
The incident was reportedly drug trafficking related and it is believed the chief suspect fled the country immediately after the incident.
Police sources claim a brawl between two rival gangs saw gunfire being exchanged leaving three people in the Villajoyosa hospital with bullet wounds.
Two of the injured were Maghrebi nationals and the third an Irish holidaymaker.
A police investigation found and arrested the main suspect after discovering he had returned to Spain and was staying in Alicante.
The alleged gunman had drastically changed his personal appearance and resprayed his vehicle in attempt to avoid being detected by Spanish police.
The suspect in custody is reportedly a 42-years-old Serbian man.

Thief Arrested
Police in Majorca boarded a London-bound flight to arrest a Chilean man suspected of a string of break-ins on the island before trying to flee to Britain.
The alleged serial thief had already buckled up for the flight when Civil Guard officers came aboard on Wednesday afternoon and took him away in handcuffs.
Five alleged accomplices were also held in the early hours of yesterday morning at an apartment in the Majorcan capital of Palma.
The gang have been linked to a wave of house burglaries around the island.
Detectives believe they are responsible for nearly 40 break-ins and stole jewellery, luxury watches, electronic equipment and cameras worth over 100,000 Euros.

US Spain Football
The Spanish football league has taken legal action against the soccer federation in an effort to get approval for a regular-season match in the United States.
A Madrid commercial court said yesterday the league filed a lawsuit accusing the Spanish soccer federation of unfair competition. The court said a decision is expected in two weeks, in time for the planned January match between Barcelona and Girona near Miami.
The league confirmed it brought the matter to court but did not provide further details.
The league has complained the federation opposes the game but at the same time wants to organize its own match abroad.