Ferry Crash
Three people have been rescued from the water after a passenger ferry collided with a pleasure boat off the coast of Gran Canaria yesterday.
Spanish Coastguards said they rescued all three people on board the pleasure boat.
An onlooker filmed the ferry listing heavily to one side as it headed back to port in Las Palmas with a tug and coastguard vessel close by.
The ferry involved in the collision covers the route between Las Palmas and Santa Cruz and can carry 868 passengers 16 crew as well as 220 vehicles.
The alarm was sounded at 4.30pm local time.
The Guardia Civil recovered a seventh body from a migrant boat shipwreck yesterday that had hit rocks close to a beach near the port city of Cadiz.
The incident took place on Monday when a boat full of migrants attempting to reach Spain by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar hit rocks just off a beach in the village of Los Caños de Meca.

Italian police discovered 270 kg of heroin hidden in a container that arrived aboard a ship from Iran, the biggest such haul for at least 20 years in Italy, police said yesterday.
The freighter had set sail from the Iranian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas and stopped off in Hamburg and Valencia before reaching the Italian port of Genoa where police discovered the heroin stashed away in a consignment of Bentonite clay.
A police spokesman said investigators were not sure when or where the drugs were brought onto the ship.
Police allowed a small portion of the illicit cargo to continue its planned journey by truck to the Netherlands.
They tracked the vehicle as it crossed Switzerland, France and Belgium before reaching the Dutch town of Roosendal and arrested two men of Turkish origin. The truck driver apparently did not know heroin was in his rig, police said.

POLICE have detained two women after finding a car loaded with more than 400 kilos of stolen red peppers.
The cops caught them red-handed after a landowner in Navarra called them.
The peppers have now been returned to their rightful owner.
And the two women face court charges for theft and damage amounting to around €700.