On Line TV Bust
Police raids across Europe have broken up a sophisticated operation that pirated and resold net- based TV channels.
Five people have been arrested and dozens of servers shut down as a result of raids in Spain, Denmark and the UK.
The IPTV services run by the gang offered customers more than 800 channels including sports and movies.
The raids come as three British men were jailed for pirating footage of top football matches.
Europol said the raids marked its “biggest hit” against pirated IPTV services.
The gang behind the European network ran 11 separate sites that offered IPTV streams. They gave access to football matches as well as national broadcasters, US cable networks, on-demand movies, radio stations and porn.
Prices for access started at €40 per month and could go as high as €460, said Spanish police who led the operation. Services were offered in 30 countries with servers located in Spain, Denmark, the UK, Latvia, Holland and Cyprus.
The group is believed to have made about €8m from running the online TV services.

The man representing Venezuelan self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido in the United States is urging Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to convince his European Union partners to impose tougher sanctions on incumbent Nicolas Maduro.
“It seems to me, (that) what Maduro’s government has to understand is that the pressure is just beginning and it is the moment to increase it,” Carlos Vecchio said in an interview.

SPAIN will need an average of 270,000 migrants every year up to 2050 to meet the economy’s demand for workers, a government official has said.
Secretary of State for Migration Consuelo Rumi said considering immigration as a threat would be a “grave error” .
Spain’s aging population meant there would not be enough workers to fill posts meaning there would be less money available public spending .. She was speaking at a migration forum organised by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Manchester United will hike prices for away fans when they host Barcelona in their Champions League quarter-final first leg to subsidise tickets for their own supporters traveling to Spain for the return, the Premier League club said.
United, who were allocated 4,610 tickets for the second leg, were informed by Barcelona that the price for away fans at the Nou Camp would be 102 pounds which British media reported was the most expensive ticket to a United game outside of a final.
In response, United raised their ticket prices for Barcelona supporters traveling to Old Trafford to the same amount and will use the extra revenue to ensure United fans pay only 75 pounds for tickets for the second leg.