Tue AM Sep 18

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THREE armed men robbed a bank on the Costa del Sol fleeing with
around €200,000
yesterday morning.

Police confirmed that the incident took place just after 8am at the
Bankinter branch on Ricardo Soriano in the center of Marbella.

It is believed the robbers managed to grab the cash by making a hole
in the manager’s office.

Workers say the men were armed but no one was hurt during the robbery.


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez vowed yesterday to reform the
constitution to end judicial privileges enjoyed by politicians,
judges, royals and other top officials which can shield them from
corruption charges.… Read all the news


Mon Sep 17 PM

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THE lifeless body of a woman was found floating in a cove yesterday morning.

The body was found in the town of Isla Plana in Cartagena after a call
from a member of the Public
at around 8.30 am.

The grim discovery was made off a beach in Murcia.

Initial reports suggest the woman was approximately 55-years-old and
of ‘foreign nationality’ and
had been spending time with friends while on holiday

The Guardia Civil has opened an investigation to clarify the cause of death.… Read all the news


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Mon AM .. Dateline .. SEP 17

Police in Barcelona intervened yesterday to keep a group of Catalan
separatists away from
participants in a march supporting more teaching of Spanish in local
schools and the greater cause
of Spanish unity.

Police formed a barrier to keep people on both sides from reaching the
opposing crowd when the
separatists rallied in a square where the pro-unity marchers planned
to finish. There were no
reported incidents of violence.

Many of the 1,000 marchers waved Spanish flags and chanted “We are not
fascists, We are

The GUARDIA Civil have rescued 10 immigrants who were trapped under a
dock in Algeciras port.… Read all the news


Sep 14 PM

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The bodies of 21 people thought to be migrants have washed up on the
shores of the

Mediterranean this month .. so the U.N. migration agency said earlier.

The latest deaths bring the total of Mediterranean migrant deaths this
year to 1,586.

The remains of nine sub-Saharan Africans were found on Sept. 4 on a
beach in Algeria about 200 km

from the Spanish coast.

The next day, four more bodies were recovered across the border in Morocco.

On Sept. 10, the remains of six migrants including two women and a
child washed ashore near

Nador.… Read all the news


Sep 14 AM

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A decree authorising the exhumation of late dictator Francisco Franco
from his tomb in the Valley

of the Fallen near Madrid was approved in congress yesterday.

The controversial move to transfer Franco’s remains from the monument
was tabled by the new

Socialist government and was approved by a vote of 172 in favour and
two against.

The vote drew 164 abstentions by lawmakers from the conservative
Popular Party and centre-right


The Francisco Franco Foundation, which receives state funding despite
some calls to end it, has

pledged to legally fight any moves to exhume Franco’s remains.… Read all the news


Sep 13 PM

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A BRITISH man has been rushed to hospital after being shot and
tortured in a suspected gang


The victim, who has not been named, suffered horrific injuries after
reportedly being tricked into

meeting with his attackers in Marbella.

He’s believed to have been knee-capped, suffered broken bones in his
lower body, and was cut

from the corners of his mouth up to his ears, known as the Glasgow smile.

Spanish police have not yet made any arrests and local reports say the
victim is showing little

cooperation.… Read all the news


AM Sep 13

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Spain will go ahead with the sale of 400 laser-guided bombs to Saudi
Arabia, a contract it had

decided to halt last week because of the Saudis’ role in the war in
Yemen .. so the El Periodico

newspaper said yesterday .. citing diplomatic sources.

The defense ministry declined to comment.

The newspaper said the defense ministry had told the Gulf kingdom
yesterday morning the contract

would be fulfilled.

According to Spanish media, Saudi Arabia had threatened to cancel a
1.8 billion euro contract to

buy warships if the bomb sale did not take place.… Read all the news


Sep 12 PM

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Spain’s health minister has resigned over irregularities found in her
master’s degree, the second

cabinet member to be replaced in the just over 100 days since Pedro
Sanchez came to power.

Carmen Monton announced her resignation late yesterday a day after
news website

published irregularities in her 2011 degree on gender studies. Her
final work, it later emerged, had

chunks of text copied from websites and other works.

Sanchez, who became prime minister in June promising to root out
corruption, lost a culture

minister over a tax fine.… Read all the news


Sep 12 AM

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Hundreds of thousands of Catalan separatists let out a collective shout as they marched along a main artery in Barcelona yesterday marking the first of a series of mass mobilizations demanding independence from Spain and the release of several high-profile secessionists from jail.

With the official slogan “Let’s Make the Catalan Republic” printed on pink T-shirts and signs, protesters went silent at 5.14 p.m., which on a 24-hour clock is 1714 – the year when Barcelona fell in the Spanish War of Succession.… Read all the news


Tue 11 PM

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A BRITISH man was shot dead by police on the Costa del Sol yesterday
afternoon after he allegedly

opened fire on them when they went to arrest him.

Officers had gone to arrest the man at an aparthotel in Estepona when
he allegedly pulled a gun on


The officers had gone there following an incident earlier in the day
in which a man, allegedly

carrying a weapon, fled the scene of a car accident in Puerto Banus.

Police said in a statement, “The officers were subjected to several
shots, forcing them to use their

weapon to repel the aggression in defence of their physical integrity
and that of third parties.”

Sources suggest the man had a history of drug trafficking and
possession of weapons.… Read all the news