Collection of new refuse kits for Orba residents

February 12, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Old Charters supermarket
Carrer de Sant Antoni
47, 03790 Orba, Alicante

ALL RESIDENTS of Orba  (including those in urbanisations), must collect their free recycling kits from the old Charter-Tandy supermarket at C/- Sant Antoni 47, Orba. You can collect these between 12 and 17 February, between 10 and 14:00 and 18 – 21.00 hrs (Saturday 17 Feb: 10-14:00 only).

When you go to collect your kit you will be asked for your name and address. You will then be issued with appropriate items depending on whether your home is in a door-to-door collection area, or uses a central container point. NOTE! if you have neighbours who do not live permanently in the area but only occupy their homes at certain times of the year, you can request to collect a kit on their behalf.

The bins issued for houses in the door-to-door collection areas are dedicated to each house. Each has a unique code built-in which will allow the collectors to record what comes from where and when. This will enable them to monitor user participation, improve the service and follow up reported incidents.


The town hall have also advised that, with IMMEDIATE effect,  they have changed the contact details for the free collections of large household items (old furniture, washing machines etc.). To request a collection you must telephone Neus (Tel. 671 740 799) or send an email to The preferred method is to send an email, detailing the furniture etc. which is to be collected, along with your phone number and address. These “large item” collections will be done on the first and third Thursday of the month.

Please also note, this free service is only for collection of a maximum of 3 items of surplus/large furniture etc. If you have lots of items (e.g. a house clearance) then you must make private arrangements with a company to collect the items and pay for it. Apparently Dasi or Marorba can assist, or will refer you to appropriate company.


Dry leaves etc. can be placed in the organic waste. Tree branches, prunings and other large items from your garden must continue to be taken to the Garden Waste/Recycling Centre which is situated next to the water treatment works on the road off Calle Dels Plans into the campo. There is a charge of €1/cubic metre (or equivalent to one large white builder’s bag) which you must pay in cash. Opening hours are Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10.30am – 12.30pm.


For other hazardous waste (.e.g. Lightbulbs etc.) a travelling vehicle “Ecoparc móbil-PuntVerd” will operate at the town hall, the weekly street market in the village, the school  and residential areas (Other than at the Wednesday market, I am unsure of the times/frequency this vehicle will be in the other areas. If anyone is able to confirm this please let me know.)